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Yes, we are living through a very uncertain and stressful time because of COVID 19. If you’re pregnant or have a newborn, your level of anxiety is very high.

 Life plus hospital understand your concern and has come out with 8 important questions and answer related to Breastfeeding and COVID-19.

1. Because I am pregnant, am I at a higher risk of getting COVID-19?

According to the WHO guideline, currently, there is no evidence that to suggest that pregnant women have a higher risk of getting COVID-19.

But since pregnant women have weaker immune system it is advisable that they should avoid going to crowded place and take necessary precaution.

2. If I have COVID-19, will I pass it to my unborn baby?

Very unfortunately, since this virus is so new, we do not have much study or evidence that COVID-19 can affects a fetus.

However with our previous experience we can say that similar virus or bacteria does not have any effect if the infection is treated immediately. However ACOG states that – “ Still more research is need but it is unlikely that COVID -19 will passes to a fetus during pregnancy, labor, or delivery.

3. Because of COVID-19, do I have a higher risk of miscarriage or other complications?

Till now there is no evidence or study to suggest that COVID- 19 can cause miscarriage or other complication.

4. If I go to my regular prenatal visits will it be a risk to get exposed?

It is very important to visit your OBG doctor for your regular checkup during pregnancy. So you need to visit to your doctor without fail.

However now do to advance in technology you can use online consultation and talk tou your doctor. It all depends on the doctors to advise you to come to hospital if any scan is need.

Pregnancy During Covid-19 pandemc | Best Gynecologist in Bangalore
Pregnancy During Covid-19 pandemc | Best Gynecologist in Bangalore

5. As a pregnant woman, how can I avoid COVID-19?

The answer is a big no for social gathering. If you are pregnant avoid going outside until it is very necessary. Practice healthy habits like washing your hand, using sanitizer, wearing mask and most important is to maintain social distance.

In case if you need  to go out, keep that 6-foot distance from everyone and wear a mask if possible.

6. Will it be safe to have my baby in the hospital during the pandemic?

At life plus hospital, staff and delivery wards are taking great care to minimize every possible exposure by limiting guests and isolating anyone that has any possible symptoms.

8. If I am infected by COVID-19, is it safe to breastfeed my newborn?

Breast feeding is very essential to a new born child .Mother milk has all the essential antibiotic which a child need to fight against the countless illness.

As per breastfeeding if you are infected by covid -19, as of now there is no such study or evidence that it will get transferred through mil to child. So it is safe and recommended to breast feed.

But if you have COVID -19 and the baby does not have and you need to be quarantine yourself then the best option is you could pump it and pass it off to whoever is taking care of them.

If you have any queries or concerns about the COVID 19 and pregnancy or breastfeeding, reach out to your doctor ” Dr. Bhargavi Reddy”, Best Gynecologist in Bangalore. At Life plus hospital, we want you to feel calm and confident about your pregnancy.
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