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As we all know, the novel coronavirus or covid-19 spreads through the respiratory droplets that get mixed with air when a covid-19 patient coughs or sneezes. It is also proved that covid also spreads by touching the surface infected by a coronavirus patient. Worldwide researchers are trying to learn more about this new virus, its impact on daily lives of normal human being and pregnant lady.

Yes, this is crucial for a pregnant woman because she has full responsibility for her child, which is still in her womb, not born yet. It’s because women are more prone to fall severely ill, or catch any kind of virus or flu during their pregnancy. In pregnancy, a person’s immune system gets suppressed and in its later stages, the fetus and uterus start squashing other organs like lungs. This result in a few parts of the lungs don’t get enough space to circulate air, leaving them more prone to infection.

Pregnant ladies are at no greater risk of becoming ill than other healthy adults if they have developed symptoms of coronavirus. The large majority of pregnant women experience only mild cold/flu-like symptoms. Whereas some minor symptoms include fever, breathing difficulty, headache, cough, and loss of sense of smell, severe symptoms such as pneumonia is more likely to affect elderly people, a person with weak immune systems or long-term health conditions.

Next is, seldom pregnant ladies get much worried about their unborn child. There is a probability of transmission of the corona virus from a woman to her baby during pregnancy. News like in China; some babies have been born prematurely to women with corona virus symptoms are circulating all over the internet and social media. But it is still unclear whether corona virus caused these premature births or the premature birth is done for the benefit of expecting mother’ health.



Following India’s current situation in this pandemic, all pregnant women have currently been advised to avoid unnecessary outdoor visits or contact with other people. And, the foremost important thing is to follow government guidelines which include:

  • Frequent hand washing
  • Avoid meeting people or going out of the house, except in special circumstances
  • Work from home advice for working pregnant ladies
  • Avoid non-essential use of the public transport system
  • Avoid small and large gatherings in public places
  • Use a tissue when you or anyone of your family sneezes or coughs. Immediately discard the tissue and wash your hands
  • Avoid parties or gathering with friends and family

Nowadays, people question me whether I should take antenatal and postnatal appointments or not. And, my answer is always yes, of course. It is really imperative to continue attending your scheduled routine care with your healthcare professional. But, be careful, corona can be anywhere!

While we have already seen some of the cases of corona virus affected pregnant women, these are the necessary restrictions you need to maintain as per government guidelines. If you are pregnant and have a high temperature or persistent cough, you stay at home, self-isolating yourself from others, at least for 7 days. Do not go to your healthcare professionals, gynecologists, midwife, or any hospitals. Please stay alert to other possible causes of fever in pregnancy such as urine infections (cystitis) and water breaking.

Another important thing for pregnant women is to keep the body and mind fully energetic. For this, you need to get enough sleep. Enough sleep at night increases our immunity level amazingly. So, do not compromise, keep your rest of the work aside and make sure you get enough sleep.

Do not forget to wear face masks and coverings while visiting your doctor or hospital. It prevents transmission of corona virus in the hospitals and you.

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