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The first trimester is the first three weeks of your pregnancy. This is the early stage of your baby’s development. In the first trimester, the baby grows very quickly. Let me explain the growth in a month-wise manner for your better understanding.

Month 1: At this stage the fertilizing egg already gets forms. In the first month, a water-tight sac forms around this egg. In medical terms, we call it the amniotic sac. It helps to cushion the growing embryo throughout the pregnancy. This stage is also the time formation of the placenta. The placenta is nothing but a flat organ that keeps transferring the nutrients oxygen, and water from mother to baby and transfers the waste from baby to mother. Moreover, it filters most of the harmful substances present in your body and transfers the filtered substances to your baby. The most enjoyable part of first-month pregnancy is the formation of a primitive face. It contains a large dark circle for the eyes. However, the mouth, jaws, and throats remain in the developing stage. The development of blood cells and blood circulation begins at this stage. An ‘S’ shape hearth forms in front of the embryo.
However, it does not function at this stage. As you reach the end of your first month, your baby becomes around 6 to 7 millimeters.

Month 2: At this stage, the ears start to fold in the sides of your baby’s head. Your baby’s heart starts functioning. The arms, legs, fingers; toes start to get their shape. Within the second week of month 2 spinal cord, central nervous system, and yes, the brand develops to its full form. The tissues in the face join for the nose, lips, and jaws. Bones, digestive tracts, and sensory organs start to develop. Although you can’t feel the embryo starts moving slightly by the end of month 2. The fetus becomes about 1 inch long.

First trimester | Maternity Hospital in Bangalore | The Life+ Hospital
First trimester | Maternity Hospital in Bangalore | The Life+ Hospital

Month 3: Up to the first two weeks of month three, your baby’s growth remains in the embryonic stage. Afterward, it enters the fetus stage. This the most exciting stage for you. Your baby is now capable of opening the fists and mouth. Nails in the toes and figures start to develop. External ears and reproductive organs, tooth buds start to form. The circulatory and unary system starts working and the liver starts producing bile. This is the most exciting stage for you, as you start feeling a fully formed baby inside you. At this stage, your baby grows to a length of 4 inches and a weight of around 27 kgs.

The development in the first trimester is the most important part of your pregnancy. So it should be handled with greater care. Even the chances of miscarriages remain the highest at this stage. So my suggestion is as soon as you suspect you are pregnant, visit your doctor. It’s always better to plan and take care of the very first week.

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