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In today’s blog, let’s talk about the week-wise development of your baby from the 7th to 9th months of your pregnancy. 

Month 7: By week 27, your baby starts opening his eyes. The eyelashes get formed. The central nervous system starts directing the rhythmic breathing movements. At this phase, your baby becomes around 10 inches.
By week nine you meet your most awaited experience. Your baby starts stretching and kicking. By the weekend of week 28, the red blood cell in the bone marrow get develops. 

Month 8: Post 29 weeks your baby already reaches most of his development and starts gaining weight very rapidly. By the end of week 29, the weight becomes around 1200 grams. 
By week 32, the tonsils become visible. Your baby practices regular breathing. In the past few months, the entire body of your baby gets covered with soft downy hair. We call it lanugo in medical terms. From week 32 these hairs start to fall off. At this stage, your baby becomes almost 11 inches long. 

Third Trimester | Best Gynecology Hospital in Indiranagar | The Life+ Hospital
Third Trimester | Best Gynecology Hospital in Indiranagar | The Life+ Hospital

Month 9: By week 33, your baby starts detecting the lights. The pupils of the baby become capable of changing size by the response to a stimulus caused by the light at this stage. The bones start hardening, however, the skull remains a bit soft as well as flexible. 

By the end of week 34, the nails of your baby reach the fingertips. At this stage, your baby’s weight reaches around 2100 grams and the height becomes 12 inches long. 

By week 35, the skin becomes smoother and limbs show a chubby appearance.  As you approach week 36 your baby takes up most of the space in the amniotic sac. By this time it’s become harder for your baby to punch you like the space inside the sac becomes crowded. Yet, you can feel the starches, rolls, and wiggles. 

By week 38, the baby starts getting prepared for your birth and might turn head down. In some cases, the baby takes time to turn head down. So if such a thing happens to you, your health provider will help you with the process that can deal with this issue. No need to worry about it. By the end of week 38, the toenail reaches its fingertips. Your baby is now around 2900 grams. 

By week 39, the chest becomes prominent. In the case of a baby boy, the testes start descending into the scrotum. The entire body remains warm as the formation of body fat becomes complete.

By the end of week 40, your baby reaches its highest length, 14 inches. The weight becomes 3400 grams. But yes based on the baby’s health the size might vary. Usually, by the end of week 40, there remains the due date for baby arrival.

However no need to worry if you don’t feel the labor. Because depending on the health condition of the mother and baby, development of the baby, the baby might arrive either a few days early or late. Immediately seek help if you find something unusual.

So, best wishes to the entire expecting mother for a healthy birth. In case you have further queries in your mind, feel free to write to me.

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