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Best Lady Gynecologist in Bangalore | Dr. Bhargavi Reddy

Pregnancy is the most unique experience in this world. As days go on the expecting mothers start feeling their baby’s movement.

Starting from the 4th month of your pregnancy to the 6th month of the same is called the 2nd trimester. During this stage, the fetus grows very rapidly.

Month 4: At the beginning of the 12th week, your baby starts urinating and the urine gets release into the surrounding amniotic fluid. But yes, at this stage your baby swallows a few of the amniotic fluid. In the skull, the long bones start to form. The skin of your baby remains transparent but it starts thickening. By week 13, your, your baby’s neck becomes more defined and by week 14, the sex organ of your baby becomes more prominent. By the end of week fifteen, your baby becomes well-visible to the USG images. The hair patterns also start developing and the eyes start moving. 

Month 5: This is the most interesting phase. By week 15 your baby becomes active inside the amniotic sac. He or she starts rolling and flipping. Not only have that by week 18, but your baby can also start hearing the outside sounds. The digestive system starts working. The pair of eyes become forward. The baby looks more like a human being. 

However as your baby reach the 17 weeks of development, the growth becomes a bit slow afterward. By the beginning of the nineteenth week, a greasy, cheese-like coating covers your baby. This cover is called, ‘Vermix.’ It protects your baby from getting exposed to the amniotic fluid.

In the case of baby girls, the uterus and vaginal canal start forming by week 19. Week 20 is the most enjoyable for you. You can now feel the movement of your baby very clearly. Your baby starts sleeping and walking regularly. Not only that you can feel that he is waking up by outside noise or sound.

Second Trimester | Best Lady Gynecologist in Bangalore
Second Trimester | Best Lady Gynecologist in Bangalore

Month 6: By week 21 and 22, your baby starts sucking his thumbs. By the end of week 22, the eyebrows get developed and the brown fat starts forming at the heat production site. In the case of a baby boy, the descending of testes begins. By week 23 your baby becomes 2 inches long with a weight of around 460 grams. During this time your baby stars hiccupping and you can feel that by his jerking movement. By week 25, you can feel your baby is responding to your voice. During week 26, the lungs of your baby begin to function but yes, not to the full extend. The lungs start producing surfactant, the substance that helps the air sacs in inflating. By this time your baby becomes 9 inches long and the weight becomes around 829 grams. By the end of month 6, the nervous system of your baby continues to mature. Your baby’s skins become smother as the gaining fat starts to develop.

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