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Did you know that pregnancy affects every part of your body—from your hair to your toenails. If it is your first pregnancy you are naturally anxious to know what to expect. My sincere advice do not google and waste this precious time reading about your symptoms randomly, it might make you more anxious.

You take a pregnancy test and of course it is the best moment in your life to know that you have conceived. This is just the beginning of your motherhood journey. Until the time you are able to safely hold the baby in your arms, your body will undergo a lot of transformation. Each month you can expect changes in your body.

Congestion. Since there is higher blood volume during pregnancy, it may lead to congestion. Use nasal drops or steam to relieve it.

Frequent urination. Pregnant women experience frequent urge to urinate and this could be because our blood volume increases during pregnancy, putting increased pressure on your kidneys. If it is later in pregnancy it could be because of the weight of the baby on your bladder increases the pressure.

Bleeding gums. Get a dental check up done during your early stages of pregnancy so you do not have to visit the dentist later on. Avoid X-rays. If your gums are bleeding then it is not a reason to panic. It is because of the hormones. Remember to take good amount of calcium in your diet as your child needs it too.

Aches and pains. Many women complain of regular aches that is caused due to stretching of ligaments and tendons. Light exercises help but if you cannot tolerate then your doctor will recommend some medicines along with the exercise.


Shortness of breath. During the ongoing covid pandemic I am getting lot of calls from anxious pregnant women complaining about experiencing shortness of breath. It might just be your baby pressing up against your diaphragm. But nevertheless, I recommend you immediately get yourself checked to be on the safer side. If doctor rules out any other issues, try lying down on your side, if that feels better.

Constipation. This is a normal and common condition for most pregnant women caused due to changes in hormones. Do not strain too hard, but you can follow simple home remedies to overcome this problem. Pregnant women must take care of their water and fiber intake to avoid constipation. Talk to your doctor on remedies if you are on complete bed rest but for others, a walk is recommended.

Heartburn and gas. Again the need for regular walk is essential to avoid problems such as gas which is easily triggered in pregnancy due to the pressure of the uterus on the stomach. If simple home-made recipes do not relieve the discomfort, doctors will suggest some medicines that is safe.

Leg cramps. Pregnant women have complained about discomforting sensations in their legs along with severe leg cramps, especially at night. This could be due to iron or potassium deficiency. Bananas are rich in potassium . Do some stretching before sleeping every night. Any discomfort should be discussed with your doctor on your regular check-ups so they can suggest remedies according to your body condition.

Breasts. Breasts may turn tender during early stages of pregnancy. You may see your breasts growing during later stages of pregnancy.

The beginning of labour

Some women experience flu like symptoms during this period. Nothing to be worry about.

It is very important to be aware of the common conditions during pregnancy. You are bringing a new life into this world, which is nothing short of a miracle. So take good care of your body and most importantly stay stress free.


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