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IUI is an alternative fertility method for couples who have trouble conceiving naturally. This method was previously known as artificial insemination and it can be done without fertility drugs. During the IUI process, sperm are washed and concentrated sperm are placed directly into your uterus during the release of one or more eggs to fertilize your ovaries.

Some of the factors indications why you should opt for IUI treatment;

  • Sperm Donors – IUI helps in such cases for women to get pregnant. The donor sperm are frozen in the lab and then thawed before the IUI treatment.
  • Unexplained Infertility – When there’s no specific reason why infertility is the reason in the tests. Then IUI can help treat unexplained infertility or sometimes with ovulation-inducing medications.
  • Endometriosis – Endometriosis is the main reason for causing infertility but certain medications and necessary treatments like IUI can be treated and help you get pregnant. 
  • Mild male factor infertility – One of the first steps in a medical evaluation of infertility is a semen study, which may reveal poor sperm concentration, sperm motility, or sperm size and shape abnormality.  Because sperm preparation for IUI helps distinguish all the issues causing infertility and helps overcome some of these issues.
  • Cervical-related infertility – Around the time of ovulation, mucus produced by the cervix creates a perfect environment for sperm to pass from your vagina to the fallopian tubes. However, if your cervical mucus is excessively thick, the sperm’s trip may be hampered. Sperm may also be prevented from reaching the egg by the cervix. Scarring from a biopsy or other treatments might thicken the cervix. IUI works by bypassing the cervix and putting sperm straight into the uterus, increasing the amount of sperm accessible to meet the awaiting egg.
  • Ovulation-related infertility – If women have problems related to ovulation or ovary-related problems or low ovarian reserve, IUI is used in such cases and can help women with these treatments.
  • Semen Allergy – Sometimes the protein present in the semen can cause an allergy and can cause infertility. During sexual intercourse, the vagina might be irritated with redness and swelling. So as to avoid this, IUI is used, as most of the proteins are washed off from the sperms before it’s inserted. 

IUI is a cheaper option for infertility treatment and is widely used by people as a successful fertility treatment. For the best IUI treatment in Bangalore, visit The Life Plus Hospital and get treated by our fertility experts for your successful pregnancy.

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