• Lifeplus is one of the best gynecology hospitals with the best obstetrician in Bangalore, India providing extreme maternity care with compassion & empathy to patients.

  • We have 21+years experience, 12,876 surgeries & 6,25,346 consultation till now.

  • We aim at providing quality service at an affordable price keeping the middle-class sector in mind our consultation fee starts @ . 150/-.

  • Our Motive is to remove the expensive price barrier from people’s minds & provide a good quality of service to people & make their life happy.

Consultation ₹ 150
High risk pregnancy delivery ₹ 63,000/-
Dilatation and curettage (Day Care) ₹ 19,000/-
Dilatation and curettage (One Day) ₹ 21,000/-
Family planning operation ₹ 22,000/-
Family planning operation (Laparoscopic) ₹ 28,000/-
Normal Delivery (Twins) ₹ 73,000/-
Consultation ₹ 150
C-Section (Twins) ₹ 87,000/-
D&C with IUD Insertion ₹ 24,000/-
Abdominal hysterectomy ₹ 66, 000/-
Vaginal hysterectomy ₹ 77,000/-
Open cystectomy ₹ 60,000/-
Abdominal myomectomy (single)₹ 66,000/-
Consultation ₹ 150
Abdominal myomectomy (multiple) ₹ 77,000/-
Tubal recanalization ₹ 55,000/-
Laparoscopic Hysterectomy ABD/Vaginal ₹77,000/-
Ovarian Drilling ₹ 55,000/-
Laparoscopic cystectomy ₹ 66,000/-
Abdominal myomectomy (Laparoscopic) single ₹ 77,000/-
Abdominal myomectomy (Laparoscopic) multiple ₹ 88,000/-

What Our Patients Says

We love that our patients feel inspired to write about the care they received here at THE LIFE PLUS HOSPITAL! Here are some of the wonderful comments we have recently received.

Manjula Yadav

I have been consulting Dr. Bhargavi reddy for more than 10 yrs for all gynec related queries – she has been very kind & has excellent knowledge on all women-related health issues. Her network of doctors in her life plus hospital are all with great expertise eg. Dr.Sridevi whom I met recently for a copper -T insertion. The cost is very reasonable. Wish the whole team all success in 2020.


We both the kids delivered at life plus hospital. Dr. Bhargavi’s reddy madam is a gem and is very patient in explaining the queries we had from time to time. this hospital is cheap and the best, with a consultancy fee of just 150. even the support staff such as nurses is also very good. I would recommend this hospital.


Really good hospital. Bhargavi madam is very polite and good. And also all the staff members very polite and providing good service. My baby delivered here and is around 80k, which is half of less when compared with other hospitals. Thank you Doctor Bhargavi madam for maintaining a hospital with fewer consultants, delivery charges. Note: The billing section is a little bit slow.

Ganesh Raghavachari

Best and affordable treatment. All the staff especially the nursing staff are very professional and compassionate. They did an excellent job of taking care of the baby and the mother. Kudos to the team and management for placing right people for the right job. I would like to thank Dr. Bhargavi Reddy for being patient with our queries and doubts. All together we feel that we chose the correct hospital for our treatment. Good job management keep up the good work.

Best Gynecology Hospital in BANGALORE. – Lady gynecologist Near Me

Serving gynecology since 1999, Served over 6 Lakhs patients. Dr. Bhargavi is a well-known lady gynecologist in Bangalore with 21 Years of experience in gynecology.

At Lifeplus Hospital, the Best Gynecology hospital Department focuses on the medical needs of women from adolescence and adolescence, through pregnancy, menstruation.

At Lifeplus Maternity Hospital, we provide a caring, supportive, and caring environment in which women can receive the best possible contraceptive counseling and care. We take care of all gynecological conditions, offering the best end options using the latest technologies. We provide our expertise in a variety of gynecological needs that require surgery. Lifeplus Hospital is an excellent non-standard gynecological surgery center. Our specialists treat blood problems and pain, diagnose and treat abdominal cramps, urinary incontinence, and uterine fibroids – Best Gynecology hospital.

From the table of  21 Years of Experienced Lady gynecologist in Bangalore: Your health is our highest priority and we strive to alleviate your pain and find solutions to your health problems. If you are facing any of the issues listed below, make sure you get diagnosed as soon as possible, as nothing is more valuable than your health.

PCOD: A very common hormonal disease in women, polycystic ovarian disease or PCOD, as it is commonly called, is a disease that, although incurable, can be cured with the right medical help. Common PCOD symptoms of this disease include irregular menstruation, obesity, and excessive hair growth. If you suffer from this mental illness or are afraid of having one, contact our Lady gynecologist experts at The Best Gynecology hospital – Lifeplus Maternity hospital.

Pregnancy Problems: Health problems during pregnancy can endanger the health of the mother and the health of the fetus. Proper care and pregnancy can help reduce the risks of pregnancy and ensure that the pregnancy is completely healthy. Put your pregnancy problems first with the best treatment from the Best Gynecology hospital – Lifeplus Maternity hospital.

Postpartum Problems – Maternity hospital: Although some postpartum problems are unavoidable, there are signs of health problems that you should not avoid. Postpartum complications such as diarrhea, constipation, shortness of breath, or heavy bleeding in women. The medical professional helps diagnose these health problems and prescribes the appropriate medications after consulting the best gynecology hospital.

Menstrual problems – Maternity hospital: women usually go through their periods throughout the month without any problems, but this is not always the case. However, it is common to experience menstrual problems such as PMS, heavy bleeding, irregularity during menstruation, or even absence. These menstrual disorders can be easily treated with proper medical help from the lady gynecologist near me in the best Gynecology hospital – Lifeplus Maternity hospital.

Thyroid problems: Are you showing symptoms of thyroid disease or do you suspect you have one? Get a thyroid test now at home. A qualified physician will accurately diagnose any thyroid problem and analyze it as soon as possible.

Irregular vaginal discharge: Gynecology hospital – If you notice something that is coming out of the vagina that is unusual, such as a bad smell, a pale white color, or if you feel discomfort in that area, it could be due to an infection. Consider this!

Irregular Breast Cancer: If lumps in the breasts can be present for a variety of reasons and it always indicates breast cancer. However, in case of inconsistencies in the breasts, it is always a good idea to visit a gynecologist near me to investigate thoroughly.

Pregnancy / Delivery Planning: Are You Trying To Get Pregnant? Talk to our experts to help you plan before pregnancy and make sure you don’t face any problems during pregnancy. (Gynecology hospital) You can also seek medical help if you have other health problems, such as infertility. You can also use an online doctor to help you change your lifestyle effectively to help you sleep.

For all the above-mentioned problems we have a 21 Year Experienced lady gynecologist doctor in Bangalore.

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