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With the outbreak of COVID pandemic everyone has become more cautious. Life plus hospital has taken that extra miles step as we know that we need to protect the mother and baby

We know very well, all pregnant women need to be seen regularly and we continue to care for our pregnant patients.

Additional safety measures at Life Plus Hospital we are taking:

1-We have increased hospital cleaning 10-fold. We not only clean our exam rooms after every test but even wipe down all parts of the exam room as it might have been touched. This include door handle, arms of chair, robe hooks or you name it any. Patient washroom is cleaned every few hours and we have maintained all hygiene. The waiting area is wiped down many time is a day. The most important is we have made a provision at the entrance where a patient or any visitors shall wash the hand before entering the hospital.

2-It is compulsory that all of our staff wear masks all day to protect patients and each other. This also includes administrative staff.

3-Thermal screening is done compulsory at the entrance.

4-To maintain social distancing we’ve removed some chairs from the waiting room.

5-Barriers have been placed in front of the reception counters so that visitors and staff don’t get too close and maintain social distancing rules.

6-All those staff that doesn’t need to be in-house has moved to working remotely.

7-All employees are practicing social distancing in the hospital as much as is possible.

8-All in-office meetings have been turned into video meetings so as not to have too many people in 1 room at any given time.

9-All our employees are instructed to self-monitor for any unusual symptoms .The need to report to their manager if they don’t feel well.

10-Every person who enters our hospital mask is compulsory.

11-PPE kits is used by surgeon or doctors.

General Advice to all Patients:

 Reschedule any appointments that are not medically critical.

 Wash your hands for at least 20 seconds after any interaction.

 Self-monitor for symptoms of fever and cough, and call your physician immediately if you think you have any symptoms. If you can’t wash your hand then use hand sanitizer.

Advice for Pregnant Women:

 Generally speaking, as compared to general population pregnant women are NOT at more risk of contracting the corona virus.

 Currently, studies recommend that the infection does NOT appear to pass to the baby.

 Take the same precautions as anyone else (see above).

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