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IVF Treatment Centre in Indiranagar | The Life+ Hospital

Today we have come with good news for you. Life Plus Hospital, Indiranagar now started offering IVF Facility.

Over few years’ infertility has become a serious health issue in India. It’s already known that our sedative lifestyles associated with a high level of stress, the least amount of regular physical activities, irregular sleep patterns, and environmental pollution are fostering the infertility problem. But, in most cases, we can’t help it.

In India, 10 to 14% of couple suffers from infertility. The number rises to 1 out of 6 couples in urban areas. I experience around 20 such disappointed couples every day who are struggling to conceive for a long. 

Upon other available potions to cope with infertility issues, IVF has been the most popular method, till date.  The success rate of IVF in India has also risen impressively in the last few years.

What is IVF?

Hope most of you know the process, still for better clarity, I shall give a brief idea. IVF or In-Vitro fertilization process includes the fertilization of matured egg retrieved from ovaries with sperm in the lab. Latter we transfer this fertilized egg to the ovaries. 

Benefits of IVF Treatment

In some cases, blocked fallopian tubes, endometriosis, ovulation disorder, ovarian failure, uterine fibroid, age factor, etc. become makes you incapable of a successful pregnancy. IVF process overcomes this barrier and helps to conceive.

Now you can also experience the charm of parenthoods. The best thing is that you can now avail of the service at an affordable price at Life Plus hospital.


Pre-process checkup and discussions. At Life plus we take you through a thorough checkup to confirm that IVF is suitable for you or not. Only then, we proceed to further steps. So many myths and misconceptions are associated with the IVF process.

To make the patient comfortable, we provide crisp step-by-step ideas about the process to them.

Result and further progression. Once the transfer of fertilized egg transfer is complete you have to wait for weeks followed by a blood test for pregnancy confirmation. If the result comes positive, we refer the patient to our experienced prenatal care team.

In Life plus, no matter to worry about your test comes negative in first change. We proceed with further checkups and other alternatives in collaboration with highly rated doctors available at our hospital.

Risk of IVF Treatment

IVF itself is a safe procedure. However, sometimes overreaction to the fertility drugs causes swallowing and pain of ovaries.

‘Multiple pregnancies’ is another risk but the occurrence rate is very low. In such cases, multiple pregnancies can happen if more than one fertilized egg gets planted in the ovary.

In very rare cases, a patient might experience an ectopic pregnancy. This includes abnormal pain in the abdomen, Vaginal bleeding, and other types of complications.

But at IVF Treatment Centre in Indiranagar | Life plus no need to worry about anything. You will get safety assurance from my 25 years of valuable IVF experience. Moreover, for every complication, we have dedicated and experienced specialists. So, immediate and prompt actions are taken in every step of your IVF journey at Life Plus.

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