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Best Gynecology Center in Indiranagar | Life plus Hospital is one of the Best IVF centers in Indiranagar with the highest success rate. Welcome to our blog section. Thanks a lot for all of your lovely comments. I have very glad to know that my blog topics are helping you a lot.

In today’s blog lets us talk about “Most Common Female Fertility Myths” that make the women puzzled while planning for a baby.

Myth 1: Diabetes makes women infertile

This is a complete misconception. Diabetes indeed generates several complications in pregnancy but diabetes does not make you infertile. Proper and regular management of diabetes can give you a healthy baby. But the only thing that has to be kept in mind that proper diabetes management is required before planning for a baby.

Myth 2: Women can get pregnant after 35

Although this myth is almost non-applicable to modern days as so many women plan baby after 35, still, some families put pressure on women due to this myth. The reality is there is a major connection between age and fertility but that is only regarding the health-related complications. Women can have a baby after 35 but the process of pregnancy gets slower and chances becomes a bit less. But proper physical health management and diet can overcome these barriers.

Myth 3: The use of regular contraceptive pills affects women fertility

While emergency contraceptive pills can harm the ability the fertility of a woman, a regular contraceptive pill can make the fertility process healthier and easy. In actual regular birth control pills makes you well prepared for your future pregnancy. However, I must tell you that such contraceptives should be always taken only after consulting a gynecologist.

Myth 4: Smoking affects only during pregnancy

This is the most common misconception that women live with. Smoking affects your reproductive system whether you are pregnant and not. If damages your eggs. Even passive smoking for a prolonged time can delay your future pregnancy planning and can make it complex.

Myth 5: Women with PCOS can’t get pregnant naturally

While PCOS can interrupt your pregnancy but it can be well managed by chaining your lifestyle. Once you get rid of PCOS, then you can get pregnant in a natural way. So if you have been diagnosed with PCOS, which is very common nowadays, it does not mean you have to plan for IVF.

Myth 6: Obesity reduces the chances of pregnancy

So many women take the matter of obesity very lightly. Weight gaining is the biggest threat to the pregnancy. Not only that even if have conceived still your excessive weight might make your pregnancy and delivery too complex. Obesity also increases the chances of PCOS. Even IVF becomes less effective in case of obesity.

Myth 7: Lying prone after sex boosts up the chances of pregnancy

This is one of the biggest misconceptions associated with women’s fertility. The sperms having the chances of fertilization cross the point of no return almost immediately. So the earth’s gravity can’t affect the sperm in this case. So lying prone for a long time does not affect the chances of your pregnancy.

Myth 8: Day 14 of your menstrual cycle bears the maximum chance of getting pregnant

This is not a matter of the 14th day. It should be the day of your ovulation. Starting from the day of ovulation a woman remains at a higher chance of fertility until the next two days. Evolution does not always happen on the 14th day of the menstrual cycle. It does vary from woman to woman. Instead of sticking to the 14th day it better to monitor for your specific ovulation days using a special basal body temperature thermometer.

So these are the most common myth regarding female fertility. If you come across any other myth that puzzles you, please feel free to write me.

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