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If you are pregnant than this blog is for you as we are going to discuss about Pregnancy cravings, What Causes Them & What Are the Most Common Cravings?

You might be sitting on the couch watching TV and then suddenly you see a commercial for a restaurant. Yes you want that Noodles and Masala dosa. The craving is next to in possible to resist. You may even go so far that you ask your husband to go out and get it

What, exactly, causes these irrational pregnancy cravings for very specific recipes of food?

What causes pregnancy cravings?

Hormones play vital role in cravings. During pregnancy we have more hormones and many hormonal changes, which can spark various food cravings

Another reason behind the craving for a certain food is deficiency of a vitamin or mineral in your body.

Mostly, cravings start during the first trimester of pregnacy, but cravings can last throughout the entire pregnancy. You may also have different cravings during different trimesters depending on what your body needs at the time.

Most common foods women crave when they’re pregnant

Here are 5 of the most common foods pregnant women crave:

  • Chocolate. Chocolate is liked by any one whether pregnant or not pregnant. Pregnant women get craving to have more chocolate in any form where it is candy or chocolate shake.
  • Who doesn’t like chocolate, pregnant or not? When you’re pregnant, though, the urge to grab a candy bar or even a cup of hot chocolate can be even stronger. Chocolate produces serotonin, which is known as your happy hormone, so it’s easy to see why many people gravitate towards it. If you are craving chocolate, try dark chocolate because it’s lower in sugar and has some health benefits.
  • Spicy food. Many women find they crave spicy foods during pregnancy. Some eager mothers also load up on spicy food at the end of their pregnancy to try to induce labor. Spicy foods are fine to eat as long as they’re not all fried and they don’t cause major indigestion.
  • Diary. It’s common to crave ice cream, yogurt and cheese when you’re pregnant. If you find yourself constantly reaching for dairy, make sure you don’t have a calcium deficiency. Also, try to substitute some healthier dairy options like Greek yogurt or frozen yogurt with fresh fruit on top.
  • Sour food. Believe it or not, lemons are one of the most craved foods among pregnant women. Since they’re pretty acidic and can make heartburn worse, we recommend adding it to your water or other foods if you’re craving a lemon, rather than eating a whole lemon by itself. Pickles are another common sour and salty food pregnant women crave. They’re actually a pretty healthy snack, so this is one craving you can feel free to indulge in.
  • Fruit. Some women crave fruit when they’re pregnant. Oranges and orange juice is an especially common craving. Oranges are full of vitamin C, which helps keep you and your baby’s immune systems strong. Another wise choice would be any type of berries because they have less sugar and are chock full of antioxidants.

Keep your Pregnancy cravings in check

There are times when pregnant women start craving things that aren’t healthy and, in fact, might be bad for both them and the baby. Some cravings might not even be for food. This is a condition called “pica.” If you are craving strange things like dirt, chalk, soap or crayons, talk to your doctor right away to get checked for vitamin deficiencies.

As long as your cravings stay within healthy boundaries for you and your baby, don’t be afraid to indulge them some. Just be careful not to overindulge any single craving, keeping a good and healthy balance for you and your baby.

If you have any questions or concerns about certain foods or cravings, talk to your obstetrician. Our team is here to help and answer any pregnancy questions you may have. Make an appointment today!

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