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The first trimester that is 1 to 12 weeks of pregnancy, is the most vital time as your body gets ready to build your baby. The pregnancy hormone secretion level becomes high and causes several symptoms. 

Bleeding. Although it’s not very common but when a fertilized embryo gets implemented in your uterus, you might experience slight bleeding. Most of the cases show light spotting. Around 25% of pregnant women experience this symptom. However, in case of heavy bleeding, pain, or cramping, the signs might be of miscarriage. You should immediately call your doctor.  

Breast tenderness. This is the most common early-stage sign of pregnancy. Soon after you conceive, your body hormones start making your milk duct ready for baby feeding. Due to this you feel tenderness or soaring for your breast. Usually, the discomfort of soaring breasts lasts throughout the first trimester but you get habituated once your body gets adjusted to hormonal changes. 

Constipation. An increased level of progesterone hormone secretion makes your food digestion process a bit slower, causing Constipation. If you are taking any kind of iron supplement then the situation might become worse. However, plenty of fluid, mainly water, pure fruit juices, and a fiber-rich diet can help you out from such a situation.

Nausea. Above 85% of women face this symptom in the first trimester of their pregnancy. Medically we call it nausea as it becomes severe mostly during the morning time, but keep in mind you can experience this discomfort at any time of the day. The hormonal changes occurring in your body causes nausea. While few might experience mild nausea, others can suffer from a severe one. An empty stomach and lack of protein-rich food might make the symptoms worse. Although there is nothing to worry about in general cases but the severity can hamper your baby’s nutrition.

Fatigue. With an increased level of progesterone, you might feel tired. Not only that, but your body also works hard to support the growth of your baby-making you more fatigued. So It’s normal. Power naps during day time can help you to cope with this problem.


Food craving or dislikes. During the first 12 weeks while craves for specific foods, at the same time might dislike some food also. Even you might feel vomiting while eating some food you dislike. You become super sensitive to food smells at this time. It’s better to avoid those foods. During this period you might crave such food that you never been wanted to eat. Eat whatever you like, but keep in mind; it’s always better to avoid junk foods. 

Discharge. Light, thin, and milky white discharge is a very common first trimester of your pregnancy until it smells very bad and of greenish or yellowish color. In such a situation, I would suggest contacting your doctor. Lots of clear discharge is also not good at all.

Heartburn. Excessive secretion of pregnancy hormones relaxes the valve between the stomach and esophagus, causing a mild leakage of stomach acids to esophagus. As a result, you might feel heartburn. Keep away from spicy foods, chocolates, citrus foods, and fried foods.

Increased urination.  As soon as your pregnancy develops your body starts processing more blood. So, your kidney also processes extra fluid and you feel peeing more than usual.

Mood swings. Rapid hormonal changes, physiological discomfort might make you joyous to depressed or hopeful to terrified within a second. Always try to talk and share feelings with friends and families. In case you feel a lack of support at home, a certified professional is a good option then. 

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