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The second trimester of pregnancy starts from week 14 and lasts up to week 27. You might face new kinds of health symptoms that differ from the first trimester symptoms. 

Enlarged belly and breast: Growing belly might be the most awaited symptom of pregnancy. Your uterus expands to make room for your baby’s growth. At the same time due to hormonal changes your breasts also become bigger.

Changes in the skin: Continuous hormonal changes boost up the growth of pigment-bearing cells, melamine. You might experience brown patches on the face and dark lining on the abdominal area. Sometimes sun exposure makes these symptoms aggressive. My suggestion is to use good quality sunscreen while going outside during day time. All the patches and linking marks disappear gradually after the delivery. 

Congestion.: As I told in my last session, during pregnancy, the rate of blood flow gets increases. You might feel congestion in your mucous membranes, including the nose due to these reasons. It not impossible that you start snoring during the second trimester even you have never done it before. 

Sensitive gums: Your gum might become very sensitive to brushing, flossing, and even chewing. Even experiencing slight bleeding is also normal. But ensure that you visit the dentist as a routine during this phase. Excessive bleeding and soaring gum might cause a serious issue to your dental health, later. 

Leg cramps: It’s the most common symptom and lasts up to the third trimester. Your increased body weight and hormonal level changes are the main cause of leg cramps but lack of calcium can also be a booster of such a problem. 

Dizziness: During this time, your blood circulation process changes compared to the usual time. You might experience lower blood pressure caused by all the extra blood your body is pumping. This causes dizziness. No need to worry. It’s quite normal in the second trimester.

Urinary tract infections: I found 75% of pregnant women who visit me, experience this kind of infection. Although it’s very common, still you should not ignore it. An increased rate of urination is fine at this stage but if you can’t control peeing, experiencing a sharp smell, backache, fever, or mild pain while urinating, immediately contact your doctor at “The Life- Hospital”, Best Hospital for Pregnancy in Indiranagar. 

Vaginal Discharge and infection: Unlikely, in the first trimester, vaginal discharge is a common symptom in the second trimester. However this time your discharge might be stickier. Don’t worry. Again I shall suggest visiting a doctor, in case of soaring, strong-smelling, or itching. 

Achiness in the lower abdomen: With the increasing size of your belly, you might be feeling ligament pain in your lower abdomen area. 

Swelling of ankles and feet: Staring around week 22 to the time of delivery you might experience puffiness of your ankle and feet. Four out of five women face these symptoms. Although it’s very common yet my suggestion is, avoid long-time standing, sitting, sleeping on a particular side for a long time.

Braxton Hicks Contraction: Mild and irregular contractions in the abdomen are possible when you are passing through the second trimester. Any kind of physical activity or sex might cause this kind of symptoms. It goes up automatically after a few hours but if it’s lasts for longer and severe in nature immediately contact your doctor.  

You must keep track of your symptoms. This will help you to take immediate action in case of any unusual health behavior. You can take better care of yourself and your unborn baby. 

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