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Lady Gynecologist in Bangalore| Dr. Bhargavi Reddy

Becoming a mother is not an easy task. As you approach your delivery date you might feel more discomforts within your body. But an imaginary cute face of your upcoming baby offers you ample strengths to bear with these. 

The third trimester lasts from week 28 to week 40. At this stage, you have already experienced most of the pregnancy-related symptoms and body changes. The symptoms of the third trimester widely resemble the same in the first and second one but at this time you might feel a greater degree of discomfort.

Braxton Hicks Contractions: Some of the women experience this contraction in the second trimester but 90% of women face this issue in the third trimester. As discussed in my previous session ‘Pregnancy symptoms in the third trimester’ Braxton Hicks Contractions is nothing but a mild tightening of your abdomen. Sometimes it becomes too painful, especially when your due dates are very close. You might get confused with true labor contraction but Braxton Hicks contraction is more irregular goes off if you change your body position and posture.

Heartburn: This might also start in the second trimester but the discomfort due to these symptoms becomes more as you enter into the third trimester. Some women might face heartburn in the third trimester only. The hormone that helps your uterus to expand also relaxes the valve between the esophagus and stomach. As a consequence your feet a heated pain knows heartburn. 

Leg Cramps: No need to say, your leg has to bear lots of body weight during these times. Mainly during nighttime, you might feel cramps in your calves. Flexing the toes up towards your leg might resolve the cramp. However, calcium deficiency might also be a cause of this symptom.

Shortness of breath: As you approach the due date, your growing baby starts pushing the uterus toward the diaphragm that is located below the lungs. Lungs become contracted and you get less amount of air in one breath leading to shortness of breath. It’s normal until you experience any kind of cough or chest pain. Once your baby shifts to the pelvis, your berating activity becomes a bit easier. 

Constipation: Constipation is very common among pregnant women even if don’t have this as a chronic disease. Slower digestion processes than usual due to projection hormone secretion causes this problem. Always try to eat healthy and easily digestible food. If you need to take calcium supplements then drink plenty of fluids like homemade fruit juices and water.

Hip Pain and backache: With the advancement of pregnancy, not only you are the one who is gaining weight, but your baby is also growing and put greater pressure on your back. At the same time, the pregnancy hormones start relaxing your pelvis bone joints. As a result, you might feel hip and back pain. Always try to sit with better back support and discuss with your doctor if you can apply ice or hot water to those areas for relief. 

Increased rate of urination: From the second trimester, most of the women start experiencing frequent urination. In the third trimester, the rate of urination becomes too high and women feel experience less control over their urination. No need to feel embraced, it’s normal during pregnancy because your baby pushes down to the pelvis generating pressure on your bladder. But remember if you feel vaginal itching, lower abdominal pain, or feverish, contact your doctor immediately.

Swelling of the different body parts: Returning of blood from your veins gets compromised during pregnancy by the action of different pregnancy hormones. This results in the retention of extra fluids in several body parts like the face, ankle, feet, and hands that lead to swelling. Soaking your feet and hands in cool water can give you temporary relief.  

So, take good care of yourself. No need to weigh more if you are already in your third trimester. You are going to forget all of your physical discomforts and pains once you see your baby’s smiling face. 

For any queries consult Dr. Bhargavi Reddy, Lady Gynecologist in Bangalore.

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