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MultiSpeciality Hospital in Bangalore | Life Plus Hospital

At Life Plus, we are committed to helping our patients have a healthy baby, using treatments that are safe, effective, and affordable. The expert team at Life Plus specializes in providing a personalized treatment program designed with a healthy baby and healthy mother in mind.

Our state-of-the-art facilities include on-site laboratories and theatres managed by a dedicated and highly specialized medical team.

Why US

Domine experience

Hospital owned and run by a experience lady Gynecologist

Homely Hospitality

We provide Homely Hospitality because we know that  ‘pregnancy is wellness, not an illness’.

Natural Childbirth Specialists

At lifeplus hospital natural childbirth is encouraged as much as possible

Specialised Care

We evaluate each case personally and provide Specialised Care and our doctors are armed to successfully handle high-risk and multiple pregnancy cases

Ultra-Modern Intensive Care Units

Our advanced intensive care units provide a conducive wellness ecosystem to mothers and babies and can handle any emergencies


We practice high etics and keep everything transparent  about the cast and treatment plan to our patient

MultiSpeciality Hospital in Bangalore | Life Plus Hospital make sure to provide high-quality maternity care accessible at  very affordable cost

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